Dance (a guest post by The Golden Eagle)

The lights are bright and hot, but the curtain's thick, rough, and cool. In front of you is a black stage with dark tape lining the edges, and to the back (upstage, if you know the lingo) is a high white sheet, swaying gently. You can hear the faint tap of feet along behind the sheet; you know they're waiting for the music, waiting for you to move out onto the stage so they can take their positions in the wings.

The music starts. Perhaps it's a long, vibrating note, or perhaps its a faster, abrupt opening. Either way, it's your turn to face the lights.

You're out. The audience is watching--but who cares? You blink at the lights and your feet grip the floor, and you're moving. You can feel the music making the stage vibrate ever so gently through the speakers.

Nothing really compares to dancing, particularly onstage. It's doesn't have quite the repute as acting, it's not quite playing music with others in an orchestra, and it's not quite moving your body to an inner rhythm, as you do when you run or exercise. You have to coordinate, listen to the music, make sure you're in the right position, watch the dancers you're with out on that floor.

Some kinds of dance are much more technical than others--some take more and longer training--some are harder to get back into if you stop for a while. But if you put on a good performance, and have fun to boot, then it's more than worth what went into it.

Do you dance? If so, what kind: jazz, lyrical, ballet, pointe, tap, acro, hip-hop, etc.? Do you enjoy it?

About The Golden Eagle:

I am a teenage Chinese-American girl living in the USA, who was adopted from Hefei, China. I have many interests, from typing away at my Science Fiction novel and learning more about writing, to rock collecting and reading books on physics, to dancing and playing two musical instruments. All of these come together to become me, the person behind the name, (or, in this case the pseudonym) and I hope you'll join me as I navigate this world.

My blog is The Eagle's Aerial Perspective.

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