Marching Band (A guest post by Lily)

You are sitting in the stands listening to the music play from the pep band. It starts to get your attention but then something happens when you watch the football team leave the field for half-time. There is a band gathering on the field, ready to pump up the stands. When they start to play it immediately grabs your attention. There is a show happening right before your eyes and you sit there awestruck at the Marching Band. Marching Band has a special place in my life because it really describes my personality.

In Marching Band you can be loud. Or mellow. Or quiet. It can describe your personality depending on how you react to the music. Are you always spirited and joyful? Or maybe you are romantic and passionate? The music plays the way you hear it as. 

But the music is how it describes us. The music can be soft and peaceful, like a quiet person. It can be energetic and fast, like an outgoing person. Or the music can even be dark and mysterious, like a villain. The music can be set to different perspectives. What is your perspective of Marching Band music? 

Marching Band is a way you can show your spirit, your pride, and your life. But everything is perfected. The way you look, sound, hold your instrument, and the way you walk is all perfected. It is perfected with practice. You know that saying, Practice makes Perfect? Well its the truth. If you practice you will learn. Will you show your pride for your school? 

 My name is Lily and I'm from Lily Petals Photography. I am a writer in the making. I am currently writing drama, comedy, and science fiction novels. I play clarinet in the Marching Band at my school. I am a Christian ready to server my Lord and Savior in any way. Thanks for listening! Come and see me at my blog!  

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