art | guest post by jennoelle

Art.  That one word can mean so many things.  It conjures up different images in the minds of different people.  It depends on the person, the place, the method.  But in the end, art is art, pure and simple and beautiful.

Art is capturing that perfect moment in a photograph.

Art is coloring away with a best friend to create a masterpiece of your own.

Art is practicing that music for hours no matter how tough it is at first.

Art is the burst of color that occurs when a firework explodes.

Art is stringing words together into something beautiful, be it a poem, song, story, blog post, or journal.

Art is a bud growing into a flower.

Art is settling down to immerse yourself in the lines of that classic favorite book.

Art is brush strokes that recreate a memory.

Art is listening to the music that water makes.

Art is scribbling down thoughts in a notebook just to get them out in a way that is sometimes easiest.

Art is pouring your heart out over the piano keys because sometimes that is the best way to express yourself.

Art is architecture that rises high against the sky.

Art is drinking tea as a pastime, comfort, and inspiration.

Art is putting together that favorite outfit with your own touch.

Art is light and color and God's creation.

Art is laughter with your favorite people.

Art is combining ingredients in just the right way to come up with something totally scrumptious.

Art is editing that photo to bring out the best of it.

Art is relaxing, and thinking, and feeling, and watching.

Art is sketching rough words and pictures to form something unique and special.

Art is traveling the world in search of an adventure and yet realizing you still have so much ground to tread.

Art is possibility-endless, breathtaking, personally-expressive, creatively original magic.

Art is beautiful.

I'm the girl with a thousand faces, a thousand nicknames, and a million dreams.  I seek adventure and friendship and laughter wherever I can, and then afterward I seek books and coziness and smiles.  I love this life God has given me, and my imagination is my best friend.  I'm the girl who almost always has something to say, and when I don't or can't, I write to express myself, like I do over at Unoriginal Originality.  I intend to live for the sole glory of my Savior.  I'm Jennoelle.  But you can call me Jenn.

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