Studying Hard

I got a present yesterday!
In a way it was welcome, in another it was not.
It was *drumroll*..........



Yep. Only *gasp* 17 measly days left before test day, which means lots of hard studying is in store for me! I've been working my way through this giant study book, and today I worked through the biochemistry chapter, which wasn't too bad. I got most of the practice questions correct, which was good. i'm going to have to work through one or two chapters each day if I want to have the book done by June 4, which is test day.
THAT is a lot of studying.
Plus homework.
Plus trumpet and musical stuff.
Oh well, I can do it. I just want to d really well on this test....and not fail miserably. That would NOT be cool. Not cool at all.
And after the SAT you know what happens?
I just looooove tests...... (not)

But speaking of tests and a slightly more fun test, I am starting driver's ed really soon and if all goes well, I'll have my permit before the end of June!

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megan said...

Yikes. :( I'm in grade six, and we have EQAO tests coming up in June. It's putting quite a lot of stress on us too, so I kind of feel a bit of what you're feeling. :P

Epic. Driver's ed? :D My brother gets his license in the summer, I think. He's already started his. ^^

Have fun with studying. It'll be over soon! ;)