Parade Prep

Ahhh. It's been a long day. Church, baseball game with youth ministry and an end of season YM cookout. Would've gotten pics if my camera had battery....but it didn't.

Since we got home though I've been prepping for the parade tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it because I love marching band and even though compared to competition parades are quite boring, it's still really fun. However, I'm also really NOT looking forward to it because it's supposed to be like 80┬║ tomorrow morning and it will be stifling with our uniforms on.

I'm all ready for tomorrow morning though. I took my uniform bib pants out of the hall closet and made sure they were still properly creased, and I dug out my drill masters and cleaned them up with some vaseline. Now they're really really shiny!

I also had to get my marching trumpet out and make sure that it still worked......I honestly haven't played it since last season because in concert band, jazz band, and pit band I play my pro horn.

(That's my pro horn on top, my marching one is on the bottom....oh how I simply LOVE double cases)

Needless to say...the valves and slides were really sticky and there was gunk coating the inside of the leadpipe and valves. Now my hands are covered with a mixture of valve oil, slide grease, and green trumpet gunk. Eww. What can I say? Life of a trumpet player. (for example, I honestly emptied my spit valve on my foot about five times during my concert on Thursday. It was quite disgusting.)

I also practiced my music, and I have it all memorized, it's a very cool rendition of Sousa's 'Stars & Stripes Forever' and it also has the theme from Superman stuck onto the end of it which is a bit odd but also really awesome. 

Anyway, that's my plan for tomorrow. Parade, marching band barbecue.....and my first driver's ed class! What are you doing to celebrate Memorial Day?

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❉╬▓rooke said...

Sounds like a huge day, haha! And ew to the mixture of gunk. :/