Blogger is Confusing Me.......

So....I wanted to post yesterday, and I couldn't. Because for some reason Blogger was down, and no one could get on, blah, blah, blah....
And then, (this is really weird), I get on Blogger this afternoon, on Treble Clef, and my latest post is 'Google Loves Mr Men' which was posted on Monday.
Which I'm thinking cannot be right because I so wouldn't have not posted since Monday.
Blogger, or something, deleted my most recent post.
My post about upcoming final exams, 'The End Is Near' is nowhere to be found. Not on my dashboard, not on my edit posts, not on my blog, the comments on that post weren't under the comments tab anymore....
Sally is very confuzzled. Very confuzzled indeed.

But aside from that, my Friday the 13th has gone very well, and I wouldn't say it was a bad day at all!
Tomorrow is going to be such a fun day, we're driving down to West Springfield, Massachusetts for a band competition and spending the next seven hours after the performance at Six Flags! Going to be so so great, and I'm excited. Band and amusement really couldn't get much better :) 

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