Looking Forward

Ever since getting back from April break, teachers have really started to push towards the end of the year.
Talking about mid-quarter grades going in on Friday.
Term papers being assigned in the coming weeks.
Standardized tests in math and English.
SAT in biology.
in every class.
Spring jazz, competition at Six Flags, pops concert, memorial day parade, and graduation to play for in band.
Plus....I have a life outside of school. I think....
Sometimes it sure doesn't feel that way!

I've just been putting together a calendar for these next three months, and goodness! Is it ever busy! I'm pretty sure that I'm only going to be home for about, oh, four days in July....
It promises to be a good, busy end of the school year and summer, that's for sure!

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hayley said...

great calenders!! you got me thinking, i really think i need one. gonna go make one right now!(: