Here Comes The Sun

Jocee at the Cupcake Dictionary is having a blog party! It's perfect because it's called the 'Here Comes The Sun: Blog Party' and then sun has finally been out and shining brightly these past few days around here.
So link up, it's going to be a lot of fun and to participate in some of it I'm going to do her little question/answer thingy.

  • What would your dream summer vacation be? Personally I love my summer vacations already because I get to spend them doing some of the things that I love most, being at Pilgrim Lodge, band camp and marching band :)
  • After a rainstorm, what you think of when you see the sun peeking out from the clouds? Usually I'm like 'THANK GOODNESS. It's rained far to long, now let's have some SUN!'
  • If you were stranded on a desert island with the sun streaming down on you and had ONE palm tree for shade, you can only have three things with you; what would they be? Well, since I'm a logical person, I would have a BIG container filled with drinking water, that could also catch rainfall, I would have a giant beach umbrella that would shade me from the sun and that I could huddle under in the rain, and I would also have a fishing line so I could catch something to eat.
  • Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or neapolitan? Well, considering I'm a terrible decision maker, neapolitan. 
  • If you saw your celebrity crush walking down the beach with a surfboard, what would you do? Uh...faint? I don't even HAVE a celebrity crush... 
  • If you went back in time for a day, what era would you go back to, and why? Sally no like these questions....Sally like where she live now....
  • What's your favorite thing about waking up on a summer morning? NO SCHOOL!!!!! YAY!
  • Your soundtrack or theme song(s) for the summer: for the summer? The marching band show! So basically, my soundtrack for this summer will be National Treasure.
  • Say you went to California to visit family. What's the first thing you would buy? Well, since it's hot in California, and I'm addicted to ice cream, I would buy ice cream.
  • Manicure, pedicure, or facial? Pedicure. Things get scraped off my fingernails too easily.
  • What's your favorite color combination? I enjoy a soft green, blue and yellow, or a bright red, black and white.
  • If you were at the beach and you wanted to write a message in the sand, what would you write? I do like drawing in the sand but I don't usually write anything, I just draw treble clefs. If I was going to write something I would probably have no inspiration whatsoever and end up writing something lame like 'Sally was here.'
  • You're stuck in Paris with $10,000. What do you do? Ahh Paris....I miss it so much. From my experience there, I would probably blow it all on baguette and crêpes and pastries and chocolate......
  • What's your most favorite type of summer weather? When it's early evening and the worst of the heat is gone and it's not very humid and there's just a slight breeze and the scent of sweet grass and barbecue flots through the air.
  • Blowing bubbles while taking a bubble bath? Uh...YES. That sounds awesome.
  • Cupcakes or dictionaries? What kind of a question IS this? CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!
Heehee, that was fun. I guess I'm off now to ready my trumpet and trombone, we've got out spring concert tonight and I think it should go really well!

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Jocee said...

Thank you so much for linking up!! I adored your answers. Especially the one about the bubbles. Too cute. I hope you have fun at your concert tonight :))
-Jocee <3