Back to Marching

Well....not really.
But this afternoon I was with the rest of the marching band as we practiced for the Memorial Day Parade in a week. We were only inside doing music prep as we won't actually go out and march until parade day, but it was pretty awesome and fun nonetheless.
I honestly love marching band so much.
So much power in the music we play. The intensity. The complex drill movements.
Oh! I get shivers just thinking about it.
Sure, this is just a parade so we only have to march in a block and be able to play Stars and Stripes Forever with a fanfare and be able to snap our horns up and down, but still, it's marching band.

Playing in the band room today just playing with that totally awesome sound that only a marching band can get was just amazing. I lovelovelove it sososo much. 
Of course it helps being the best band in the state....

Anyway, today has made me long for marching band season to come. 
Because marching band is epic.
And we're doing music from the movie National Treasure, which has a great soundtrack.
And I officially signed up to be in the 2011 band today...
....and I was first on the list.....
And there are only 80 more days until it starts!
And I am super excited. Super. Excited.

Can you tell how much I love marching band? I'm so going to have to go to a college that has a good one.

Well, sorry for the hyper, excited post, I'm off to rock the house on trombone at jazz band!

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