Six Flags

Yesterday was a great day spent with the band. We headed down to West Springfield in the morning and played in the festival at the local high school. We did very well, and got gold!
After playing, we headed over to Six Flags New England to spend several hours at the park.
It was very fun and I got to go on four roller coasters :) 
Here are pictures of them, curtsey of Google Images.

It was totally awesome and epic.
The bus ride home wasn't that great however, I was wet from the log flume, extremely tired, not feeling too great and the bus weirdly just stopped working and stopped at the side of the road not once, but three times. Yay...
All in all though, it was awesome :)


Lily said...

Great job on making gold! We went to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia yesterday. We performed in Yorktown, Virginia before that though. Busch Gardens was so much fun! I went home wet too! Except my friend and i were soaking. And we did watch a bus crash into a car...and then another car...and for the big finale: the curb. We got second place with a superior rating! Congrats again on getting Gold!

Hannah said...

O.My.Gosh.I.Am.So.Totally.Jealous.Of.You.Right.Now. You're so lucky! I wanna go to Six Flags SSOOOOOO bad!!! It sounds like you had tons of fun, and congrats on your band getting gold!


Sally said...

Lily- Wow.....our days were almost freakishly similar...

Susan Kane said...

Never, ever, in a million years!
You are one brave soul.