Hello 8-0-0

(And just a note on the above image....I HATE pink. But it finally didn't rain today so I felt springy and needing some pink in my post)

But aside from pink.....HAPPY 800th POST ON TREBLE CLEF!!!!!!!

This is exciting, my 800th post. It's certainly a landmark! 800 posts, two and a third years of action, 164 followers, Treble Clef is booming, and it will only continue to get even better and better.
So, yay me, yay Treble Clef, yay awesome followers.
I'm not going to be doing anything special for this occasion, but there are several things that I'd like to put into this post.

First, I know my posts have been a little less regular than usual. This is just due to a slightly more boring and less exciting life this past week. I dunno how it happened....but relaxing was pretty good. And I went onto Netflix and started watching Glee. I'm now a Glee addict....what can I say? It's hilarious! Anyway, I should be posting more this week because my life gets busier and more exciting again. Tomorrow, my church is having an all-church game of capture the flag, which should be awesome. Monday I've got jazz and it's back to the marching band to to get ready for the parade next Monday, Thursday I have what will be an epic spring concert, and Memorial day weekend is big because of the parade and also I START DRIVER'S ED. Awesomeness. It should be a good week. I'm hoping for minimal homework, as I still need to be reading my one section a day for that SAT of mine.
So I should be posting more :)

More stuff about this blog is....
I have sent an email to my dear friend Olivia, who does all the designing for Treble Clef about a new summer design, *update* She has agreed to my request and will be creating a new look very soon!
 Speaking of summer, I have an important announcement to make.
I am going to be away from home pretty much all but like four days from June 26-July 31 and I don't want to leave the blog inactive, so I'm looking for a multitude of guest posters for that time period. Email me at if you are interested!

I think that's all, once again, happy 800!


Shelley said...

Congratulations on the 800 posts Sally! Hurray! :) Definitely sounds like you`ll have a lot to post about in the near future!

Jocee said...

Hurray on your 800th post!!
-Jocee <3
P.S. And I do believe I'm going to take up your offer on guest posting, since I'm a fellow musical composer as well :)) Can't wait for your new design!

Jennoelle said...

Ooh la la, 800! Congrats! =)
Your new design is adorable, by the way.
Glee...heheh, so I'm not a big fan. But the music makes me happy. I go on Glee youtube-search-rampages every once in awhile.
You are just about the only person I've ever heard of being excited about driver's ed. Ha, good luck! I'm sure you'll be glad when it's over. ;P