Darkening Clouds

Methinks that a storm might just be on the way.
It's been muggy and hot all day, and a storm would actually be much appreciated. I enjoy thunderstorms so....yeah.
The clouds outside my window have been growing steadily darker ever since I got home from marching band and I thought that I would snap a few pics of them because they were pretty cool.
These pictures were all taken within a time span of like only five minutes and it's pretty crazy how much different the last ones are from the first ones :)

And they just keep getting darker and more and more keep coming. I can't see the blue sky any more!
It'll be like those great summer days where it's hot and humid all day and you can feel the storm hanging in the air, you can smell's great.
I can feel that storm building, and it seems like agrees with me:

So ready for the storm :)


Jennoelle said...

Ohh, I love thunderstorms too. I don't understand how some people are afraid of them. And those pictures--agh! I adore clouds. ;P

Shelley said...

Wow, great photos Sally! You can really see the clouds getting darker and heavier. Also, about the guest post stuff, I've never done one before. I'll try it, and if I end up writing a good one, I'll email you! :)