Google Loves Mr. Men

Anyone else here a Mr. Men fan? (There are also the 'Little Miss' books, but I don't know them as well)
If you aren' my friend are missing out on some of the greatest "children's" books. I put children's in quotations because these books are just so cute and funny that you just can't help but love them, even at any age. See, these are the Mr. Men:

Aren't they just adorable? I remember that the first Mr Men book I read was 'Mr. Strong', but Mr Muddle and Mr Clumsy were my favorites. I became hooked. My aunt LOVES Mr. Men books and has pretty much all of them, so when we visit my aunt and uncle, there's not a visit that doesn't pass without the reading of some good 'ole Mr Men books. Now it's fun because I can read them to my little cousins!

Imagine my delight then, when upon finishing my math test this afternoon, I opened my computer to my google and saw....Mr Men, specifically Mr Bump, sitting on my homepage. I thought it was AWESOME. I was even happier when I realized that once you refreshed the page....different ones would show up. So, so epic.

Anyway, I kept scrolling through until I think I saw, and saved all of them, so if you didn't get to see these they are now.

(These are all Google's property, by the way)

(My favorite) 


hayley said...

epic xD

The Golden Eagle said...

I hadn't heard of Mr. Men until I saw it on Google's homepage--they're so cute! :)