The End Is Near

I would love any proof that the end of school is fast approaching. Talk of Memorial Day parades, and announcements of next year's marching band show (Music from the movie National Treasure, by the way. Going to be AWESOME!), working through our last unit in most classes, counting down the days left....anything but what my math teacher told us to copy down today.

Schedules for final exams. Yay...
Pretty much in my school we have eight classes, or blocks (periods) rather because study hall isn't really a class. Four 85 minute blocks a day. We have red days with four blocks and the white days with the other four classes. 
Our exam schedule is as follows: 3 days (June 14, 15, 16), 3 testing blocks each day, and you don't have to be at school during the blocks that you don't have tests. 
Actually, my schedule really isn't that bad. I only have two tests each day and my free blocks are the second test blocks so a get a break between tests.
Day one is White 3 (French) White 1 (Study hall, no test) White 2 (English)
Day two is Red 3 (World History), Red 2 (Band, but playing at graduation is our final so it's a free block) and White 4 (Math)
Day 3 is Red 4 (Gym; why we need a final for this, I have NO idea....) and Red 1 (Biology) and the last block is for make-up if you missed the test.

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Lucy said...

I have math finals with Mrs. Kill. Did I tell you how I got a 76 on my midterm?