Thanks Eskän AND OliveTree

What is a very interesting fact about you?
Hmmmm, my band director has only beaten me to jazz or honors band 3 times in 2 years (still counting!)

What are two things in this world that you love very much?
Music and friendship

What was the last thing you ate?
chicken 'n patatos 'n CORN! Yum!

Who is your favorite movie/book character?
Kasta Shepsheir from my book

What is your favorite color?
Any color of green unless it's really dark and murky :P

Are you random?
Most of the time. Today I played a random trick on my band director. LOL.

Do you have a totem animal?
Yep! Tiger.

How many people follow your main blog?

What is your favorite animal?
Any member of the cat family. MEOW!


Downhill or Cross-Country skiing?
SOOOOOO DOWNHILL! I love terrain parks and the really steep challenging narrrow and icy mogul-y trails. And on the not so hard ones? Add a little spice by doing 360˚'s whole way down!

Soda or water?
Depends on the soda.

Weekends vs. School days?
Depend on what is happening at school that day!

Trees or flowers?


What is your favorite movie?
Harry Potter 6....or Titanic.....or.....idk

What is your favorite book?
Please don't make me choose.

How long have you been on blogger for?
May 2008 but this blog January 2009

Who are you going to tag?
All my followers :)

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