Yes. It's true. October 18th.

I am at church playing Halloween games while babysitting a bunch of kids. A parent comes up and says that they are done and we can come down for dessert. We eat and are just fooling around when one kid yells:

It's Snowing!!!!!

So yeah. Snow. And it's coming down fairly hard too. LOL. October 18th and there's snow on the ground. I've seen it in late November, but NOT the middle of October!!!


Dreamstar said...

It snowed on wednesday i think for us! AWFUL! But it didn't stay luckily!

Well I guess it is kind of means that global warming isn't as bad anymore!

Dreamstar said...

I think...

★Silverstar★ said...

*Sighs* You're so lucky! It doesn't snow until SPRING where I live, and then it only snows a little. I've never EVER had a white Christmas. But I'm already hoping for one!


•The Cornet Crazie• said...

dreamstar: actually global warming means hotter, humidor,longer summers, and colder, more severe winters.

silverstar: that's sad. i love snow. i love skiing and skating and all the fun stuff that comes with snow. but then again, if you see my profile, you'll see that i live in a northern state with 4 distinct seasons and ever changing weather patterns.

Bella said...

yeah, really distinct seasons. last winter it got to -26 and in the summer, it was like, 99. but sometimes fall is only 3 weeks long and then winter takes up half the year.
silverstar- have you ever been sledding?

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Yeah, LOL Bella

★Silverstar★ said...

Bella - Nope, sadly. All the snow I ever get is wet. But when it finally is cold enough to make perfect snow, what does the weather do? We have an ice storm. Happens every year. :(