School Scare

Ugh. Today has NOT been my day. It started out well, but OH BOY, it did not last.

10:30- Bella, Elránia and I just got out of science (la science) and headed off to health (la santé)

10:40- Class is underway when I start coughing. I go out into the hall to relieve myself of this asthmatic problem.

10:55- I am still coughing and a teacher comes to take me downstairs.

11:05- I am still coughing downstairs while several teachers are anxiously standing around. They call an ambulance.

11:12- The ambulance arrives and they come in to take vital signs and give me an albutaral treatment

11:20- They take me to the hospital

1:30- I am released from the hospital after almost dying from sheer boredom and lack of food.

So that was my day. Not fun..........


Dreamstar-ONE said...

Hello. I am here to speak on behalf of my friend M. She has claimed that whenever she comments here, you delete her comments. Even when there is no advertising in that comment. She has been nice enough to give you two awards that she told you about, but you never took them. here they are-

Those are the awards she gave you. Both beautiful awards.

Emma said...

OH MY GOSH!!! wow. i'm sorry! do u usually have asthma?