Bye bye mallets. It was nice to know you. Yes you were fun and a little challenging during the whole 10 minutes I got to play you. But alas, I have been promoted. Here is a little conversation that happened before we really got started between me (CC) and my band director (BD)

BD- Cornet Crazie, you can read bass clef right?

CC- (having fun banging on mallets) What? Oh....uh huh

BD- Then let me show you how to turn on the keyboard bass

CC- (still banging on mallets) Ummmm......why?

BD- So you can play it

CC- I thought I was playing mallets

BD- Just let me show you.

CC- Okaaaaaaaay

BD- You're the only rhythm section person who I trust with electric stuff

So.....I've ended up playing bass. Too bad I don't know how to play REAL bass. That would be fun :)


Anonymous said...

No offense, because good for you, but sweetie keyboard bass has NOTHING on real bass. I'll dome over to your house with my bass and we can compare. Really.

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Goody. Teach me.