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Your Result: Cornet

You are the mellow loving sound of the world. You are very passionate and loyal. You have a strong, quiet courage and would willingly give your life up for a number of people. You get along with everybody but low brass.

Low Brass
French Horn
What instrument are you?
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I just created this quiz, and I think that everybody should take this quiz! It is cool. Well, no duh. It was made by ME after all. LOL.


Emma said...

coolness, let me take it... 1 sec...
oh, and i love your profile pic =]

Emma said...

ha ha, i'm a trumpet!!!

Dreamstar said...

I was a flute

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

LOL you guys! I hope you liked the quiz.....

Emma: Trumpet was my second

Dreamstar: my brother was a flute

Flaming Wolf said...

Cool! I got cornet too!!

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

yay flaming wolf!

★Silverstar★ said...

I got a flute!


Anonymous said...

I got flute LOL

Beebuzz said...

I'm a sax

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Ummm, OK Olive Tree. Although you really don't strike me as a flute. I thought that you would be Trumpet or Low Brass. LOL.

Beebuzz-wow. you must be a very hyper person

Megan said...

how cool, I play the flute and I am a flute!! :)

great quiz, love it!