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What kind of car would you like when you're older?
NOTHING. I'll walk or bike. Except to far away places. IDK. It's not a thing I would normally dwell on.

Where would you want to live when you're older?
Well, I really like the weather in my state and I like how there are no really HUGE cities. Maybe even my hometown 'cause I would want my kids to grow up in a town with a wicked good band program just like me!

Do you want to go to college?
Yes. To get a degree in musical education so I can become a band director.

How many siblings do you have?
1, my little brother XanFan.

How many children would you like to have when you're married?
LOL. 1 or 2

Boys or girls
Girls. I AM a girl

This or That?
This, I guess. Kinda strange.

City or Country girl?
Well I live in the city and I honestly love it here. Of course it is a rather small city with lots of trees and since I live across from a march and down the road from some woods.....I LOVE where I live!

Gourmet meals or steak with a big salad?
Steak and salad......yum!

Flying or driving?
Flying. So free...

Bike riding or swimming?
SWIMMING! I love swimming. (and the funny thing is, I'm not RiverClan!)

Sports or no sports?
Well I like sports but I could live without them. But I DO really like field hockey and softball. And if you consider downhill a sport, then I couldn't live without THAT.

Books or movies?

Outside or inside?
Love outside!

School or chores?
School by a long shot! In school there's band!

Wednesday or Sunday?

Friends or Family?
Friends (unless this is XanFan or bwk reading this.......then family. LOL)

This or that?
Sounds a litter familiar...

Fried or scrambled eggs?
Yuck. I hate eggs.

Pancakes or cereal?
Pancakes. I also hate cereal. (I'm not a breakfast person, ok?)

Big meal or something small?
Depends on how hungry I am!

Movie or TV show?

What is your favorite thing to do outside?
Ummmm.....I do a lot outside. Take pics?

What is your favorite meal?
You're a very bad person if you make me choose.

What is your favorite pass-time?
Blogging! No doubt about it.

Where is your favorite place to read a good book?
My porch swing in the summer.

What is your favorite vegetable?

Where do you want to live when you graduate?
(See my above answer)

What time of the day do you like best?
Very early morning, just as the sun is rising. Everything is shadowed in black but the sky slowly turns a deep blue. It's simply beautiful.

What is you favorite flower? If you're a boy you don't have to answer...
pretty much anything

What is your favorite weapon?
A nice short curved sword.

Do you like sports? If so which is your favorite?
Skiing :)

Do you like writing?
Yeah, I love to write

What is your favorite month?

Do you not like adventure?
I LOVE adventures

Do you collect anything? What do you collect?
Paper napkins :)

Do you live near your grandparents?
Some, some not

Are you bored of this?
Not really.

Well it's over how did you like it?

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