Ugh...................... Don't you hate those common assessments that everybody in the state has to do that take up 3 hours a day and are tediously annoying. NECAP's: we started them today. The reading part was really really easy. We'll be taking the reading 2 soon. I liked the MEA's better though. NECAP. What an awful name!



Emma said...

in my state, we have MSAs, but we have those in March... and for the rest of the day we have cool stuff like movies. that's the only reason why i like those 3-hour-dealies! they stink otherwise, though.
PS please check out my blog SummerGirl! thanks!

★Silverstar★ said...

LOL! But yes, I DESPISE them. Last time I took one I got:

Low score for math (no surprise there)
OK score on history (blah)
And COLLAGE LEVEL score on writing! (WOW! HOORAY!!!!)

Good luck, and try not to fall asleep!


•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Emma- we used to take the MEA's in March but this year we decided to change and do the NECAP's.

LOL Silverstar.....see I am always way up in the exceeds range in very subject...I just LOATH TESTS!

(But I like pop quizzes)

Emma said...

we don't do MEAs. We do MSAs. but.... yeah. i hate them. and NECAP??!!! what a weird name!