Jazz and a wicked thunderstorm

So, sorry for not posting in homeroom. Mrs. Barry was a little late getting the results up and I was just being lazy all Friday and Saturday, I guess. Anyway, I have the same spot as last year, which I am very happy about. Who cares about the melody when you can have the almost melody AND all the solos. So yay!

Last night our show had to be indoors which was fine 'cause it had been raining all day. But, when we were almost done with awards it REALLY started to downpour. We got soaked running to the buses. Then, when we had just left, the lightning started. So here we are, a wicked thunderstorm that stays on top of us the whole way home, driving on streets that are rivers, in a pitch black bus. It was NOT a fun ride. We were hydroplaning all over the place and I was soooo happy when my mom and I finally drove into our garage.

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