2nd week of training jazz

I know what you're thinking. WHY DOES THE CORNET CRAZIE HAVE TO DO TRAINING JAZZ??? SHE'S A TOP TRUMPET IN PERFORMANCE!!! Yes, that is true (and I am playing my new trumpet in jazz now. Sounds better than the cornet with jazz) but see, training is good when you are doing it with a new instrument. I tried it on trombone but I was already waaaaaay past that level of playing. So I took up mallets/vibes. Soooo much fun and I get to bang on my instrument. I'm crazy. This is what I play now-






Voice (Alto)

This weekend I have two marching band finals. My state (MBDA show) and region (NESBA show) So I'm going to be very busy and will not be able to post much. But Emma I will post your tag later today! I just don't have the time now.

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Anonymous said...

*sigh* You're so modest, Sally.
*can you detect a note of sarcasm? ;-)*