Snow Love

Obviously....all I had to do was write a post about how sad I was that we didn't have any snow, and the forecast changed again! Now it's predicting snow from 4pm today RIGHT THROUGH WEDNESDAY! And not just flurries either, but plain 'ole snow. I may just get out of that bio test after all ;)
I had finished some history homework and was chatting on gmail with some friends from band camp. During a pause in the conversation I checked my facebook for updates and the first post in my newsfeed was I status that one of my friends had posted that simply read 'SNOW!'. Reading that, I threw up my window shades and there it was coating the ground, and coming down hard from the sky. Blessed, beautiful snow. Oh how I love thee. Quickly, I shut my laptop, raced downstairs, jumped into some snow boots, pulled on my pea coat, grabbed my camera and I was out the door. I actually got some shots that I'm pretty pleased with. Hope you like them!


The lights look so pretty in the semi darkness in the snow fall.

Especially our lovely dove of peace!

The bird house is slowly covered in snow.

Snow clings to another feeder and holiday lights create pretty bokeh in the background.

Simple snowy landscape.

My favorite one of all, this one is being entered into Horsefeathers' Words for Snow contest, because my favorite part about snow is how pretty it looks covering the lights :)


Lucy said...

I remember a time when Sally didn't like snow days...

Emma said...

Nice! We've still got the light snow covering from about a week ago here. And there's a chance it may snow on Christmas! I'm excited!