Party Prep

If I asked each of you whether you liked parties, just in general, I'm pretty sure that most of you would answer with a resounding 'yes'. They're fun to host, plan, go to...and every one is different.
One of the traditions our family has had for the past few years, ever since we moved into our new house, is host a holiday party a couple weeks before Christmas. (Our house is awesome for parties because the first floor is really open and we have a basement that all the rowdy boys can run around in, lol)
Anyway, we're having this awesome party tomorrow and there's lots to do beforehand! My dad, XanFan and I just cleaned the basement (oh what joy...) which is always at the top of the annual excitement list. (NOT!) mom's gone and got most of the stuff for the food part, and we'll start making some of the food tonight too. (I'll get pics of it all tomorrow, too!!!)
The party itself will be very fun though, and one this I am *very* happy about is that all the friends I invited are able to come. So I'll get to hang out with Lucy, Anna, Bella, Olivia, and Hannah Marie for the evening which will be awesome. I <3 parties.

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