Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

Well folks, it's Christmas Eve! (Hard to believe isn't it? Time just flies!) And the anticipation is ever building throughout the house. 
Yesterday, my family drove up to my grandparents three hours northwards. So we're spending Christmas with them, my aunt drove up from Boston and another aunt and uncle and two cousins live down the street too.
And the Christmas spirit of frantic-ness has descended upon us! My grandmother has been baking lots, presents are being wrapped and stashed under the tree, stockings will hang on the mantle, and to top the whole season off, I've come down with a cold. Yay. Boo. Not fun the day before Christmas. But all that aside, it's been a great time so far.
And some of the surprises in store for tomorrow having been building for a long time....
Especially my mom's awesome incredible TOTALLY EPIC Christmas present from my dad.

So Mom,

if you happen to be reading this now....i strongly suggest that you STOP. in fact, i COMMAND YOU TO STOP READING NOW.

And now that THAT'S taken care of, I can tell you the story of this epic present.

Last year, we were out caroling with a church group and we happened to drive past a house that had these really nice different colored peace sign lights mounted on the side of the house.  Naturally, my mom noticed and was like 'Oh! Those are nice...I would just love something like that.' And my dad, kept that in his head for a great Christmas present this year.
So earlier this month he bought some thin strips of wood and some white strings of lights and declared to me and XanFan that he was going to build a huge lighted peace sign. And he did. And it's huge. And everyone knows about it except her. It's epic. It's awesome. It's.....quite large. I will HAVE to get some pictures- it'll be one rockin' surprise.

We'll be heading to a Christmas Eve service at the tiny tiny church in a teeny tiny town, but the service will be nice. I just hope I'll be able to sing with this cold of mine...