The Blizzard Is A'Coming

First, I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I know I did. 

Now, we're getting ready for a doozy of a storm. Some of you living in New Jersey or the Carolinas may know what I'm talking about because this particular storm has probably already hit you.

Not snowstorm. Not flurries.

A good 'ole fashioned nor'easter.


 Yesterday that said heavy snow with wind. Now, it says blizzard.

When this is yellow, it means severe, but not too bad. Orange is like medium. RED IS BAD.

And just look at this! They're expecting 10-16" of snow....guess Hannah Marie and I will be able to play out in the snow this week like we've hoping. If you live on the East Coast, why not share your story of this storm in a comment? It's sure to be a good one!


Emma said...

I hate the snow, because we don't get to see our family like we always get to! I mean don't get me wrong, I love snow usually, but I HATE IT NOW. I'm so mad!

olivia said...

I'm quite excited as well. Thou shalt have to come over to my house for photo-shoot-ness.

Lucy said...

Well, I guess I have something to look forward to after 6 days of beaches.... Did you get a white Christmas, Sally?

Sally said...

olivia- YES. You doing anything Wednesday?

lucy- I dunno whether it was snowy at home, but it was a white christmas up at my grandparents!

Kiki said...

You LUCKY duck! I wish it would snow that way where I live... alas, it would never, EVER happen :(
We did get a lot of snow the other night though (a lot being 4 inches maximum). Have fun and be safe :)