Ski Fashion

Hello everybody! With all this new snow, I'm anxious to get out to the ski slopes! I've downhill skied since I was in 2nd grade. I guess that would be 7 or 8 years old, right? I think so...

Anyway, when skiing, it's obviously very cold most of the time because of the snow, and unfortunately you can't really ski without snow. Also, you want to spend as much time as possible out actually skiing the mountain and less time sitting in the lodge warming your fingers by the fireplace. Over the years I've been able to figure out what to do maximize my time on the trails and usually only take a break for lunch and a mid-afternoon snack. (And possibly a few quick trips into the warming hut on an extra cold day) And you know what? The secret is all in what you wear. So if you struggle with the cold, this is a post for you.

When working on ski fashion, I often turn to L.L.Bean. Their stuff is excellent for the cold weather, but other brands work fine as well!
I always start with a layer of thermal long underwear. First trick of ski wear- NO COTTON. If it gets wet- bam. You are an icecube. Find different materials.

I like how this style has little holes in it so your body can breathe, but they keep you nice and toasty too.

Next layer is UnderArmour, or something of the like though the real stuff keeps you warmest. It's skin-tight so it keeps the heat in. I always wear the top (unless it's unusually warm out) and if it's supposed to be a rather frigid day I'll wear the bottoms too. This stuff is so warm- it's what gets me through all the long cold marching band practices. Remember, if you get hot, you can always strip layers!

OK, so non-cotton socks are virtually impossible to find. So cotton is alright for this, but it's always good to have an extra pair that you can swap if the first ones get soaked. Make sure they're really thick and fleecy inside though.

Now, I'm not the kind of girl who wears a turtleneck to school. I really don't even like high necked shirts at all. However, a wool turtleneck is the PERFECT shirt for a long day of skiing.

Now for pants. Jeans are a no-no because they will get wet and freeze, and you will be cold. Also, sweatpants aren't good either. They're usually cotton. That's why I wear lined windpants. They're not the height of fashion in today's world, but you're not likely to become frozen in them either.

For ski pants, I prefer bibs because they don't fall down. They also provide a bit of an extra layer on top. I will say though, bibs can be a pain when trying to rush to the bathroom.

These particular snowpants are nice too, because they're reinforced in the knees and rear so if you go sliding down the mountain you won't ruin your ski pants!

In my opinion, scarves don't keep you warm enough, and they whip around in your face when you're trying to ski. That's why I personally prefer neckwarmers and when it's super cold, a balaclava is wuite lovely.

Ski boots are probably the most uncomfortable shoes ever and they're extremely hard to walk in. Hello duck walk. They take a LOT of practice...

One of the most important things to warmth is the coat. I simply love this model from Bean's, it's perfect for skiers.

The inside is fleecy and warm.

And it even comes with a special goggle wiper. How handy!

My favorite feature is the snow guard that clips in front so if you decide to take a slide or do some 'butt skiing' the snow doesn't go all up your coat and make you cold.

Helmets are so so very important. They keep your head warm and they also keep you safe. Never ski or snowboard without one. Goggles are quite nice to have when it's snowing or visibility is bad. Since I got glasses last year goggles are an essential for me to be able to see on the slopes. If I don't have them? Snow gets on my glasses or they fog up. Not fun when you're trying to ski a double diamond.

Oh mittens! We got these new mittens today and they're super warm, made for extremely low temperatures. Hand warmers are a must-have as well.

Look how soft they are inside!

Finally I'm all suited up and ready to hit the slopes! My skis are the red ones on the left. They're Volki Junior Racing skis and I love them! I believe this will be my third season with them. 

I also like to ski with poles, but they're not necessary.

And finally, all suited up, on the mountain!
(last year)
It doesn't look half bad all put together.

So is anyone else an avid skier or boarder? Got any tips you'd like to share?


olivia said...

You look like a Storm Trooper with all that on! LOL. Much love from your buddy here in non-downhill-skiing-land.

Emma said...

Skiing! I love it. And yes, yes yes yes, ski boots are the worst to walk in... you can't move your ankles! Gah! :)

Sally said...

Olivia- Yes, and if you add all that clothing to ski boots, you are a genuine penguin!

Emma- Ugh. Ski boots are probably the worst part about skiing even though I've mostly gotten used to them. I still hate going up or down stairs in them. I'm always so sure I'm going to trip.