Missing Marching

It's so weird. In marching band we're worked so hard all the time, you'd think that we would at least get some relief once it was over and just chill, and not think about it for a while.

Not such the case. Why do I feel such a strong attraction to something where we get yelled at all the time, among other unpleasant things, like extreme heat and cold? And yet, I love it.

As some smart person once said "At home, at school, at the mall and pretty much everywhere I go, I am a person, and I have a name. But when I get out on to the marching band field, I become a little dot on the drill chart, with only a letter and a number for my name."

Every day I find myself involuntarily singing or humming or thinking the melody of 'Minuano' or 'See The World'. Everyday I find myself walking around the house backwards marching, dressing the lunch line, and attempting to keep three pace intervals between people. 

Yeah, call me a band geek all you want, because it's a title I'll readily accept. Oh marching band....I miss you :)

(and here's even more proof!)

You are 85% band geek!
WOW!! you are such a band geek!  that is so incredibly amazing. you might be told a lot that you need to get a life, but your just fine being a BAND GEEK!!

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Are u a band geek?
Your Result: Band Geek
You are a band geek! you are most likely to tune out of everything around you and only pay attention to band! you will have no life (which is ok i guess)
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You are a band geek, in that you love to play a wind or percussion instrument, and that you are involved in one or more band activity, like marching band, jazz band, on more. You might even like to practice your instrument.
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You are 91% Band Geek!
Wow. You are the Ultimate Band Geek. Your life pretty much consists of living, breathing and dreaming about ... well band. All of your friends are in the band and your career of choice would probably be in music. The band has been and continues to be the biggest part of your life. There are plenty of people who have scored this high, maybe you should go find them. Weirdo.

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Help the people trying to be band geeks! you know enough about being one that you could seriously help them out!

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awesome marching band quiz
Your Result: Trumpets
YES!   congratulations you are a trumpet.  the awesomest instrument in my opinion.  you are cocky, and have the biggest ego.  and you are very loud, obscene, and obviously heard. by everyone in the band.
Low Brass
Drum Line
awesome marching band quiz
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Marching Band has taken over 100% of your life!
You live and breathe Marching Band. Without it, you'd be lost in this world. You want to be first in your section and know everything there is to know about band...and maybe some things the band director doesn't know.

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Oh yeah....I'm a band geek.

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Lucy said...

Band geek love <3