Oh Biology!

*SMACKS HEAD ON KEYBOARD* qefoGUQEUWhuiw3n09crc2tuy3ehjrw

OK. Done now.
Have any of you taken a course in biology? And I mean an INTENSIVE course. Well, that's what I'm taking.
Our 10th grade honors biology class is widely proclaimed as THE hardest class in the entire school....but it's totally worth taking. Why? It's fascinating! It's my first actual, like, GOOD science class ever.
But, boy, is is hard. Tests are nearly impossible (NOT looking forward to finals and biology SAT), and homework takes hours. In fact, that is what I'm slaving over now.

However, I am taking a little creative liberty with this homework. Why? It makes it more bearable.

We're learning about macromolecules and this homework happens to be on the subject of proteins.
Here was one of the questions and my humorous answer:

  1. Summarize the different amino acid “personalities.”

Amino acids that have a charge simply love water. Seriously, they're attracted to it like flies to rotting fruit. These charged particles are usually quite large, just like the water molecules so they can throw some pretty extreme parties in the cytoplasm. Non-charged amino acids don't like them so the charged ones prefer to stay away and have fun with their other charged friends.

Amino acids that don't have a charge hate water so they hide away in the middle of the protein, the introverts that they are. They are small and average sized, which may account for their shyness, though they can be quite haughty towards amino acids that have a charge by completely shunning them, but they are always pulling their non-charged friends close in their evil little clique.

Haha. Oh biology!


Cherry said...

im in 7th grade so i dnot even know if we do biology, but i love how you said 'smaks head on keyboard' instead of wall!

The Golden Eagle said...

I love biology. :)