Cookies Galore!

Do you not just LOVE the smell of freshly baked cookies? What if you get to smell that all day, all different kinds, once a year? Well, from experience, I know that it's awesome. Every year, my dad's side of the family gets together and everyone makes one or two kinds of cookies. Very very fun, and I was with my camera the whole time capturing the moments!

First of all we all had to put on our aprons, but it seemed as if XanFan had done some growing over the past year, as his was rather short. LOL.

Besides aprons, another must for the day is ribbon candy. Oh how I love ribbon candy...

I haven't had much luck with my cookies for the past few years, so I made sure to start them early! (In the past they've melted, lost their shape and burned. Yuck.) I was making blue swirl spritz cookies, so first I got the colorful, decorative stuff out.

First step was to cream the butter and sugar.

Next was egg and some vanilla extract.

While that mixed, I sifted my dry ingredients. They looked just like the fluffy snow that coated the ground this morning!

That got mixed in and I added the neon food coloring.

The dough got squeezed out, decorated, and baked. They were very yummy!

Many other great cookies were also baked, such as these heath bar ones.

And almond twists...

Our fruitcake cookies,


Including chocolate camels,

Green trees,

And my blue swirls.

Peppermint filled brownies were a happy addition to the table,

And you can't go wrong with the traditional nutmeg logs! Elrania and Bella have been begging for me to bring some to lunch, so their wishes will finally be fulfilled. :)

My mom made some really great cookies and she had to coat them in powdered sugar before baking which she seemed to have a fun time with...

The finished product was great too!

And of course, cutouts!


Lucy said...

Was this for your happy Saturday get-together thing?

Emma said...

Oolala, I love Christmas cookies! :)

Hayhay said...

Oooh! Yummy!

My mom is having her cookie party today so I'll be posting on my blog of all the cookies. Make sure you check that out! hahah.... :D