Party Love

*Note* the following pictures are sure to make you VERY hungry, so have a snack at the ready.

As you can see there was lots of great food to be enjoyed by all, and that's only some of it!
All my friends made it, though Hannah Marie had to leave early for one of her performances and Isabella was a tad late but it was all good fun. Us girls had a great time chilling on the couch and a little up in my room at first and then both the boys and girls teamed up outside for some pretty epic games of flashlight tag and manhunt. Isabella and XanFan's friend Ansel were really good at hiding, and Olivia and I made a good hiding and catching team. My converse didn't want to be put on fast so I slipped on my drill masters (my marching band shoes). BIG mistake. The grass was slippery and so were the shoes so I kept sliding around. Another bad thing was that when I walked on pavement or on the wooden porch they were really loud and with my menacing 'it' person stare and flashlight, it was pretty intense. After it got too cold to bear, we went inside where the party was winding down and the five of us that we left (Me, Olivia, Isabella, Lucy and Anna because Hannah had to leave) went up to hang in my room and we had a blast just chilling and laughing and stuff. Olivia was going to spend the night anyway, and Isabella ended up sleeping over too, which was very fun. We watched 'The Proposal" which is a HILARIOUS movie. It was totally awesome.
All and all it was a very good party, and I'm not happy to have to go back to school tomorrow. Thankfully, as Isabella pointed out this morning, only seven school days until Christmas break!


Olivia said...

That was epic fun... I'll give the link to my post on HorseFeathers once I upload our "silly pics" :P

Cherry said...

i hope you had fun! (obviously you did :P)

Shelley said...

Yum, yum, and yum! Awesome photos! Sounds like you all had a really fun time! :)