We all know the movie Avatar, right? You know....the blue people?
Like, this movie?

Anyway, it's a suuuuper awesome-ly good movie, and because I'm a band geek and know this, it's got a really great soundtrack. Imagine my delight then when I'm told we're playing selections from it for our upcoming concert.
I was pretty much like: EEEEEP!!!! WE'RE PLAYING SONGS FROM AVATAR!!!!!!
And I was able to listen to the arrangement the same guy arranged a Lion King medley that we played earlier in the year and he's really good, and this arrangement was no different. So here are the YouTube videos for the soundtrack and just imagine our band playing them. It is. SO. TOTALLY. EPIC.

Enjoy! :)


Lily said...

That's awesome! It would be awesome if we were playing the Avatar music in our concert but we are stuck with music from Lady Gaga and Wicked! Good luck on your concert!

Danielle said...

Your blog is so epically awesome. I'm not kidding. I play in band and I love that someone has the brains to make a blog with music incorporated in it :)

Yours Truly,
P.S I feel like I'm some crazy fan haha lol