B is for Basketball

B is for Basketball.

Basketball. Hmm, where to begin? First I should start off with the fact that I am probably one of the worst basketball players EVER. I miss layups, I'm way too short, when foul shooting I can't make the ball reach the basket, and I lose every game of knockout, HORSE, and PIG. The only thing I'm good at is dribbling and I guess I'm OK at passing too. These factors account for the fact that I do NOT play basketball except when forced to in gym class.

I do, however, enjoy watching basketball.
I don't mind going to see high school games, or my brother's games. They're usually fast-paced and a lot of fun. From watching so many games I know the rules pretty well, and I find the games exciting. Much more fun watching live than one television though.

Now why basketball for the subject today? Because of the Final Four in March Madness of course! I don't follow the whole tournament seriously, but my dad and brother make brackets every year and the person who got the most of their bracket right gets an ice cream paid for by the loser. They both failed miserably this year, but I think my dad has won...
Anyway, but in college basketball, we happen to support UConn, who will be playing their Final Four game tonight.
Go Huskies!

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