K is for Ka-boom!

K is for Ka-boom!

I woke up this morning to a great ka-boom. Correction. I woke up this morning to a bright flash of light which was then followed by a great ka-boom. In other words, our first thunderstorm of the year struck this morning. 
I really, really enjoy thunderstorms. For the most part. I did not like that this one prevented me from taking a shower this morning, for an example. I liked every other part about it though, and I enjoyed the one that rolled in during second block today. 
The day has most certainly been thunderstorm filled! We wanted our english teacher to turn off the lights in our classroom so it would be super cool and the lightning would be really bright and it would almost seem like the power was out. He said no, which made me sad. 
Both storms were pretty good though, but not great. They were certainly better than some with several lighting strikes and thunderclaps and heavy rain, but they weren't as intense as I like them.
See, I like them really intense.....without producing tornadoes. *shudders* Tornadoes are scary. I had a close encounter with one last year at band camp and eep! It was very very frightening!
Anyway, that's my annual post on how much I loooove my storms :)

AND it looks like there's another one rolling in around ten PM this evening.....YES! 


Susan Kane said...

I was in an awesome t-storm with lightening. We were driving home along the Illinois flat land when it hit. Awe inspiring. It felt like we were in a plasma ball.

Izori said...

I love thunderstorms too! *sigh* They're amazing.

Joe Richardson said...

I'll throw my lot in with those who marvel at thunderstorms. I've tried to photograph a few. It's hard to do, and even harder to do well.

I made a couple photos of a vintage cornet on Sunday. It's a bit battered, but lovely still. Posted them under my i entry (ill-gotten images), if you like vintage instruments.

Wishing you all the best in France!

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