E & F are for Epically Fun

No, no, I didn't forget to post yesterday, I simply just simply didn't have the time! My day was totally jam packed, so I have combined days E & F together in this one post.

E & F are for Epically Fun

Yesterday was a great day, much improved over the dreadfulness of Monday. The school day itself could be described as so-so, pretty average, it was after school that was awesome.
April is nation jazz appreciation month, and to celebrate this, our music boosters organize a jazz band event called Jazzapalooza for all seven middle and high school jazz bands in our city.
Pretty much what happens at Jazzapalooza is the middle schoolers get to work with clinicians for the afternoon, everyone gets yummy pizza for dinner, and it ends with a great concert in the evening. Now, high schoolers don't do the clinics, but there were certainly plenty of us around and I was actually asked by my old band director if I would work with the trumpet sections in her two bands. I had a lot of fun doing that and after I was done....the trumpets sounded great! It was awesome. There was a really fun improv clinic too, which I got to participate in. Improv is really fun because basically you just have a couple of chords that you play, you've got a handful of notes to choose from, and you just go for it and jam. Totally epic and awesome. After a couple breaks and our three clinics it was pizza time. All the rest of the high schoolers were arriving and we had a great time. All my band friends were telling my brother how he REALLY needed to be in the marching band next year. We'll see if he decides to do that or not.
We mostly just chilled for a while afterwards. Did some jamming in the band locker room, tuned the middle school bands and just hung out before the concert. The concert.....was awesome. I got to sit in and double the lead trumpet part with my old two middle school jazz bands which was great and my high school jazz band did really well too. I did have one mini heart attack moment though....I got up on stage and realized that I only had half the pages to my second song. Yeah....Sally freak-out-on-stage moment right there. Luckily, it turned out that I had the piece memorized without knowing it so playing it without music was a breeze.
It truly was, an epically fun day :)

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