Finishing the Alphabet

I knew I would come to this problem when I started the A-Z challenge.....that I would be leaving for France.....and not posting on blogger, which is why I am finishing the alphabet today.

N is for nature and nebula and neutron,

O is for ostrich and olive and ozone,

P is for Paris and people and plight,

Q is for quarter and quail and queasy,

R is for running and racecar and rain,

S is for Sally and smile and snake,

T is for trumpet and tiger and tea,

U is for umbrella and ukelele and uvula,

V is for vase and valor and vivid,

W is for wind and winter and willow,

X is for X-ray and xylophone and xenon,

Y is for yak and you and Yemen,

And Z is for zither and zebra and zen.

That was fun, I'm off to Paris tonight, see you when I get back and be ready for LOTS of pics :)


Karen Walker said...

Whimsical and lovely. I am just now learning to play the piano (at 62 years old) and just had to check out your blog cause of the title. Enjoy France!

M Pax said...

Have a really great time in Paris. :D Nice bumping into you.

Sylvia Ney said...

I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

SharleneT said...

Very clever finish. Enjoy your trip to Paris and hurry up and post those pictures.

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