Breathing Again

I love schedule, I find comfort in routine, regular life suits me well. 
It was so good to be back to that today. 
Sunny, warm days in Paris filled with pastry and walking and gardens and churches and architecture and sandwiches and vacation were simply amazing.
(by the way here are a couple pics)

But today even being so ordinary was just comforting and nice.
Waking to the sound of my alarm at 5:30....well no, that's not true. I was awake at three still suffering from jetlag, but I actually got out of bed at 5:30.
Heading off to school at seven, listening to the radio in the car and laughing at the morning show, grabbing a coffee in the cafeteria and chilling with some band friends before first block, spending first period study hall reading les mis, suffering through another annoying English class, having a rather relaxing French class, lunch with friends, and ending the school day with a good geometry class. After school, heading home on the bus and then down to the middle school to drop some stuff, thankful that my mom drove me as it was cold and raining, home again to ready myself for tomorrow and practice trumpet and write this post.
Gotta love vacation, but, gosh....the regular routine and normalness of day was totally awesome...

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[Lauren] said...

Oh my gosh Sally! I just posted about how I don't like the normalness and routineness of my life! That's so cool how we have a different perspective on it. :)