Treble Clef Turns TWO!

WOOT!!! Let's PARTY!

Once, a 7th grader who called herself 'Spottedstar' on the internet, sat down and created a blog which she named 'Cornet Crazie In Action'.
Two years later, the same girl, now called 'Sally', sits down at her laptop and writes another post on her beloved blog, Treble Clef.
With 136 followers,
And almost 6000 readers from 60+ countries around the world,
And 741 great posts,
This little blog has come a long way in the past few years. 
And so....we're going to have some fun!
First, I'd love it if you would fill out this form here (this isn't the fun part):

Now, recently, Laurea at Center Stage reached a big post mark and she did something called a 'Q&A Giveaway' where readers asked her questions and it was very funny to read her answers! I'm going to do something like this- so that you guys can find out anything you want about me and my blog. Every question will get an award for its special qualities. For example, here are some funny ones I asked Laurea:

When shopping for jeans, you choose:
•super skinny
•Dark wash
•Medium wash
•Light wash
That are

Suppose you are required to take one math class and one science class during your upcoming school year. You choose:
•AP (Advanced Placement)
•CP (College Prep)
•Earth Science
•Marine Biology
•Anatomy and Physiology  

It's Friday night and you really want to go somewhere, but your parents say NO WAY! Who are you going with, what are you doing, and how will you sneak out? 

(those are just some examples)
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Now this next one is going to be REALLY fun!
I'm going to host a really awesome contest!

This is going to be a writing AND photo contest.
What does it have to be about?
Tie winter in...and you're all set.
Write a story...and capture a photo to go with it, post it along with my button and leave the link in a comment on this post and you're entered!

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So enter these great contests- they all end on Valentine's Day, February 14 in one month. And as you recall I now leave you for a month to focus on my midterms and Les Mis rehearsals. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREBLE CLEF AND I'LL SEE YOU IN A MONTH!


Katie Krinkleberry said...

Congrats on the 2 year landmark!

The Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations on 2 years of blogging! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)