Oh Dreaded Tomorrow

Of course, every vacation must end. Every slice of freedom much come to it's finale. Every relaxing moment must come to its conclusion.
Thus, after every break we go back to school.
Do I hate school? I must admit, the answer is usually no. I like seeing my friends every day and laughing around the lunch table. I like having Isabella and Hannah Marie in most of my classes and being able to hang out and make class more enjoyable.
My classes themselves, well, most of them are ok, I guess. I like bio, band is usually good, I have fun in history, and geometry is starting to grow on me.
I like only having each class every other day.
I love working in the pit band for the musical, being part of a very small, and vital group of musicians.
I like jazz band  after school, though I miss those early jazz band practices of middle school.

School's not all bad.

But those were the pros, here are the cons.
Some of my classes are just awful. My English teacher thinks we're 3rd graders and treats us as such.
Gym is torture- apparently my gym teacher doesn't realize how rough freshman boys are.
And French- previously a favorite class of mine- is drop-dead boring.
And at home there are the many long nights SLAVING over my books. Typing lab reports. Researching ancient civilizations. Proof after proof after proof in geometry. Grammar worksheets for English and French. Frantically practicing trumpet for several things. (Though...I rather enjoy that last task)
Homework. The thing every student loathes. (And add on study time for our upcoming midterms too!) You've got a lot of homework and late nights on your hands.

So really? Why do I dread tomorrow? It's not the school day itself. That shouldn't be too bad. It's that daily task of working late into the night on extra schoolwork.

Homework. That's the reason I dread the end of vacation.


hayhay said...

Why must school come again... WHY!? *horrified scream* ;)

Taylor said...

I hate that "tomorrow is school" feeling! ugh I don't start school until Tuesday....But I hope you have a really good day!

Emma said...

It should be banned nationally.
That's all I have to say.

Hannah Marie said...

*clicks the 'like' button*