A little while ago my dear friend Hannah Marie did a post on her blog called 'Bitten By The Acting Bug' where she talked about how she's found acting to be so awesome for her after doing A Christmas Carol and how she wants to do so much more stuff with theater.

Well, something similar has happened for me.
I haven't been bitten by the acting bug,
but it has to do with theater.

I've been bitten by the pit band bug.

I'd always wanted to be a part of the musical at the high school, and as I got more and more involved with band, pit band seemed like the perfect place for me in the show.
And I was even happier when I learned I was the only freshman who made the band....

Playing lead trumpet. That was big.

And then we started rehearsals...and it was so amazing. Being the only one on my part. Playing this totally awesome music. Putting bits and pieces of it with the cast on Saturday...

And having it sound like the soundtrack.

It's such a big responsibility and it's a TON of work. 
But, like marching band, it's so so so worth all of it.

What can I say? I've been BITTEN.

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Marieanne said...

It's a nice blog! And trumpet is a cool instrument! I play piano and cello, and I loooooove music :)