Simple Can Be Awesome

In history class, we're learning about ancient Greece, which makes me happy because mythology is a component of that and I LOVE Greek mythology. ^_^
Anyway, we've got this project, and my task was to build a model of a Spartan and Athenian warrior. I thought- fun! I love building models and stuff. 
But do you know how hard it is to think up materials to use to build sufficient people? I thought and thought and thought about what to use...and finally decided, why not go simple?
So while everyone else brought expensive modeling clay and building blocks and thick foam boards, etc. I walked in with:

And you know what? In class today I made a killer (no pun intended) Spartan warrior and on Friday I'll make my Athenian. (Can't wait to get pictures!) So really...the simple things can be quite awesome indeed...


Hannah Marie said...

Go Athenians!

Emma said...

Woo! Here's for being simple! :)
I had to do a play once in Latin about the Trojan War and I made a horse head out of cardboard to put on the front of two desks so we could jump out from under it. It was pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! Haha :)