Hi! This is Lucy here, from Low Brass! I'm here to talk about MY awesome life, because you usually only hear about Sally's. My life, I must admit, is not as interesting as Sally's, but I do SOME cool things. Like I'm in the marching band with Sally, which is pretty boss. It was my first year in marching band, and I was one of the few (but powerful!) eighth graders. I thought it was a very good experience and I can't wait to do it again next year! And the year after...

So I swim on a pretty competitive swim team. And my swim coach decided that she wants me swimming the 1000 free at our State Championship in March which is a HUGE mistake because I can't keep track of all those laps. It's 10 football fields! Crazy. I'm pretty much a backstroker, which in't even my favorite stroke. Oh well.

So I bet you all know how Sally is lead trumpet in the Les Miserables pit band at our high school. Well, I'm not in the band, nor am I acting. But I have the VERY important role of audience member....
Well, I love Les Mis. It's a great story, and the songs are excellent! Now, I can't sing at all. But I'm not tone deaf, I just sound like some sort of dying chicken robot when I sing so I only do it around Sally (and then she kicks me, but let's not get into the details). But that doesn't stop me from knowing all the words to about every song from Les Miserables. One of my favorites is I Dreamed a Dream. It sounds really nice and rich on the trombone, my main instrument. I also play tuba.

So,this is all for today, folks, and I really hope you'll visit my blog! I love followers!

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