1. A day you get out of school because of excessive amounts of snow.
Ex: I was really happy because today was a snowday.

As mentioned previously, we get a lot of snow up here (usually) during the winter. Just happens to be one of the perks of living here. (Although SHOVELING the snow is not an added bonus.)
Unfortunately, these past couple of years, though we've had good snow, it's come at un-opportune time.
On weekends,
During the day,
During the night....but stopping well before dawn....

We haven't had our share of good 'ole snow days, lately. 
I used to hate snow days. Now I love them.
Something about them makes you want to squeal with excitement and act like a little kid again.
Which is fun...I mean, when you have a snow day, you just HAVE to follow:

The Snow Day List

1. Squeal with excitement when you wake up and see lots of snow on the ground, and realize your parents turned you alarm clock off 'cause there's no school.
2. Don't go back to sleep but run around the house a couple times.
3. Eat breakfast slowly while playing video games with your brother.
4. After getting mad at your brother for always beating you, take your time and read the comics.
5. Beg and plead your parents to let you have a friend over- they always relent in the end.
6. When said friend is over, challenge your brother and his friend to some sort of competition whether it be on the Wii or a ping-pong challenge, etc.
7. Declare you will most certainly win, if you do, rub it in his face, if you don't, stick your tongue out at him. 
8. Eat something warm and yummy for lunch, like mac'n'cheese. 
9. Make popcorn for you and your friend and go upstairs to watch a movie.
10. After the movie, go downstairs and go outside to play. Say that your brother and his friend are welcome to join you, but hope that they won't.
11. Go outside and pelt each other with snowballs.
12. When your brother and his friend finally DO follow you outside, say your cold and go back inside. You don't want to have your face continuously pushed into a snowbank.
13. Make hot chocolate, and drink it quickly before your friend has to go home.
14. After she leaves go upstairs and blog about your awesome day so far.
15. Your shirt's still wet from outside so you take a warm shower and your mom yells at you for using up too much hot water.
16. Curl up by the fireplace with a good book, something that never gets tiring. Like Harry Potter.
17. Eat a nice warming dinner, preferably your favorite soup. 
18. Play games like Apples to Apples with your family.
19. When your parents say it's time for bed because you've had a busy day and you have school tomorrow, complain.
20. Go to bed and wish for tomorrow to be a snow day so you can do it all over again.

Yep :)



Hannah Marie said...


Jessica Nicole said...

That's EXACTLY what I would do! But it never snows in my neighborhood or nowhere close around, nor will it any time soon... I can still wish for that to happen though, right? ;)

Hope you get another snow day tomorrow or sometime soon! Lol.

Blessings, Jessica

Kinga said...

I wish I would get snowdays where I live. Even when we get a huge storm (or what qualifies as huge in Chicago) we never get a snow day. Ever. The last one has been maybe 17 years ago. You are lucky :)