Soooooooooooooooo excited for today. And nervous. And hopeful. And hyper. And longing. See, this is the thing. If SPN (my team short for South Portland National) wins our game tonight, we have won districts and will join 5 other teams in the state level. It's just SO exciting to be on this kind of team. 3 of my followers are also on this team and they are Annie, Katie, and Super Gato. And an almost cooler thing is this. We play at 7:30 UNDER THE LIGHTS. Totally cool. Well I'm going to stop obbsessing over the game 'cause you're probably getting a little bored with it.......

Today I am also having my first private cornet lesson!!!!



Anonymous said...

Why the heck do you need lessons?!

Spottedstar said...

well, mrs. barry says and acknowledges that i am a very good player, but she says that i can completely EXCEL with lessons from this person. he's very good. VERY good. plus, it's something to do