As you can see I have made a few minimal changes to my blog. Now I would like to know some things. Do you like my blog? What can make it better? Longer posts? Shorter posts? LESS posts? Anything. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Sally, THANL YOU for finally realizing that all those colors clashed to the max. AND for switching to Minima (which is the only one recommended for special templates BTW!) I used to go to your blog and be like "*groan* Not this again" But now it's nice and cool and relaxing. *aaaaaaah*

I'd say slightly longer posts, the amount you have is fine but LESS ABOUT YOU. I can see you're already taking my words to heart with all those questions- good job.

And... not really about your blog, but how about some humor in your posts? *snaps fingers* O yeah, I went there... (See? Like that... even though that really wasn't supposed to be funny and isn't...)