I recently have gotten several awards and would like to give them to some other people you can see the awards are above this and you can take this ones that apply to you after you read this...

From Moriah I got the Child of God award~

I will give this award to anyone who goes to church or considers themselves to be a child of God.

Also from Moriah I got the Smiley Award~

I give this to anyone who is feeling happy as they read my blog

I got the True Princess Award from Moriah~
This goes to all my followers!

I got the avid reader award and I give this to anyone who has already read at least 50 books this summer!

From Olive Tree I got the Cat Lovers and Nature Lovers Awards
I give these to anyone who loves cats and/or nature!

Finally-I made one myself! The Chocolate Lovers Award! For anyone who LOVES chocolate.

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Elr√°nia said...

thanks Spottedstar!