Hey everybody! I'm back from band camp and, boy was it AWESOME! Our concert totally rocked and Elrania and I had sooooooooo much fun. (We roomed together) We had some really tough pieces and we were able to pull it off. I also made the top jazz band. Anyway it was just a great week. As a matter of fact my old piano teacher and old KinderMusic teacher were there as counselors. HAHA. It was great, but I'm glad to be back here on my blog again!

(oh and everybody, i have decided that i have to many blogs and am just keeping 2, this and ancedote)


Elr√°nia said...

oh my that camp was amazing :)

Spottedstar said...


Bella said...

welcome back! that does sound like fun. and i heard a certain piece at the concert was especially beautiful.