101 random things just cause i feel like it

  1. spent the night at Olive Tree's last night
  2. thanks Olive Tree for the avatar
  3. my old picture was all boring
  4. this one rocks
  5. we lost in the championship game
  6. they took away all our advantage
  8. oh well, it's just softball
  9. this is fun!
  10. i like green.....
  11. my shirt is green
  12. and has a picture of the earth on it
  13. and says 'stay cool'
  14. i like my shirt
  15. i go to band camp on Sunday
  16. band camp is fun!
  17. Elrania is going too and we will probably room together
  18. my music stand is purple
  19. my computer is actually being fast for once
  20. wow i'm a fifth of the way there!
  21. i'm bored
  22. i went to the beach this morning
  23. and had a sandwich for lunch
  24. my sandwich had lettuce
  25. and mayo
  26. and cheese on it
  27. it was yummy
  28. thanks for making it Olive Tree
  29. you should really check out our story blog
  30. did you know that ther is a warrior cat blog with a leader named muffinstar?
  31. and an elder named nastytoe?
  32. that's strange........
  33. i feel a sneeze coming on...
  34. a-a-a-
  35. CHOO!
  36. that was a loud sneeze
  37. it's all those darn allergies
  38. i hate my allergies
  39. i have to take meds for them
  40. 4 every night
  41. it is not fun
  42. ummmmm
  43. rita is doing better!
  44. and the chicks at Olive Tree's are sooooo cute
  45. i am holding a blue pen
  46. i like blue
  47. but not as much as green
  48. green rox sox!
  49. (and the sox rok the yankees)
  50. halfway there!
  51. i still can't believe we lost last night
  52. but our pitcher walked a lot of batters
  53. this is the fartest i've ever gotten!
  54. my record last time was 32.....
  55. i would have gone all the way but my mom told me to clean the house
  56. (my friends were coming over)
  57. join snowpack!
  58. it's cool
  59. i am healer
  60. and I'm deputy
  61. leader,
  62. queen,
  63. or warrior in lots of clans
  64. wow! past 60!
  65. our office is messy
  66. we should probably clean up this desk
  67. i drew a picture of a dragon on Saturday
  68. i like my dargon
  69. it is cool
  70. dragons rock!
  71. after i am done i will check other blogs,
  72. check e-mail
  73. read the summer edition of the school newsletter,
  74. practice my cornet and trombone,
  75. and read!
  76. i love reading....
  77. reading is so much fun
  78. i have already read like 20 good sized books 'cause i haven't been doing anything
  79. this has been easier than i thought it would be
  80. but don't expect me to do it more often
  81. (like Olive Tree)
  82. it is very quiet in here
  83. i wonder if that is good or bad
  84. hopefully good
  85. probably bad
  86. yeah,
  87. i'm optimistic aren't i?
  88. i usually am,
  89. just not now
  90. only 11 more!
  91. wow, it's gone by fast
  92. our piano is out of tuned
  93. and we got it tuned like not long ago
  94. the guy that tunes out piano
  95. also tunes mrs. barry's
  96. haha
  97. this has been fun
  98. i'm sorry it's almost over
  99. WAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  100. almost there.....
  101. I DID IT!!!!!!!! 101!


Elr√°nia said...

*jumps up and down clapping hands* I love your new profile picture!!!!!!

Spottedstar said...

i KNOW! isn't it great?

Shinestar said...

I like you you dont like the yankees.I am a mets fan!

Shinestar said...

I like you you dont like the yankees.I am a mets fan!

M said...

:O! You dont like the Yankee's!?!?! WHAT! Your crazy! a good way....:)