OK....Now what?

'tomorrow we'll discover what our god in heaven has in store. one more dawn, one more day, one day more!' ~ one day more (les misérables)

Over the past month, my life had been totally consumed with the production of Les Misérables. But last night was our final show, last night we cleaned up and packed away the pit, last night we tore down the set, last night we partied for the last time.
But this whole experience has just been SO incredibly amazing for me. It was awesome playing each show, hitting all those stratospherically high notes every time, and getting to watch the whole show. Now, I just can't wait to get my DVD!
I must say, it was very sad, so much that by the end most of the cast and pit were crying as everyone was dead.
I REALLY wish that I could upload a video from youtube that shows several clips from the show so you could see it. Unfortunately, it has the name of my high school at the end and i don't know how to blur it out. Grrrr.

But this now brings me to a weird place. You see, from August through October marching band ruled my life. From the end of November to now, musical did.

Now I'm not quite sure what to DO with myself....
One thing I know I'm going to be doing is get back to blogging! I missed you guys but I needed the break during the craziness of Les Mis was over.

I'm pretty sure that's all I wanted to say on that...LOL.

'do you hear the people sing? say, do you hear the distant drums? it is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes....tomorrow comes!' ~ finale (les misérables)


[Laurea] said...

<3 LES MIS. Lol. How did the play go? Isn't it insane how literally everyone dies except for 4 characters: The Thenardiers, Marius, and Cosette? I think all of the deaths are super tragic, even Javert's. But I just love it. I saw a rendition of it a few weeks ago at a high school in my area and it was really good. Oh, and by the way, as of now, I'm a member of the crew of my school's play: The Wizard of Oz! I'm so excited because I've never been part of the play before, but now I'm going to have to go for 2 hours every day after school and on Saturdays to help out with the play. So it's cool. :)


Sally said...

ALL the performances were simply incredible! Yeah, we weren't used to doing a depressing yeah, everyone was crying a lot, LOL.

Congrats on your play too!

Lucy said...

HAHA sorry I started laughing when I read your comment [Laurea] because that's so true! The person who played Thenardier is actually a good friend of Sally and me. He was made for the part.....which is probably a bad thing.

Sally said...

Haha.....oh Matt.....the perfect Thenardier.